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CPR for your Copy.

Let's bring it to life.

super powers

My copywriting focuses on your business's story. It's warm, magical, and intimate, like looking into a camp fire.

Stories sell.

Stories are extremely powerful. We have used them since humans discovered how to draw on rocks. It is the only thing that has remained the same over centuries. Though we have evolved, the elements are much the same. We tell stories to entertain, excite and to get people to buy into what we offer.

My Favorite Types of copy

About Me

I’m not like most copywriters. I have the experience, training, and results to back what I do. My super powers are primed and ready to help you and your business.


My Collection of Awesomeness

I am proud of my results and this is the place where I get to brag about it.

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Carrie Green
“After working with Matt on my sales page copy I felt so much clearer about exactly what I needed to write. He helped me to work through what was really at the heart of the message I was trying to convey, and he coaxed the words out of me for the headline – something I’d been struggling with for ages! It was definitely a breakthrough session!”

Cole Humphus
Matt digs deep and goes into great detail with exactly why a certain element of copy needs to be changed and what would be a better choice. This level of detail and commitment is paramount and so hard to find these days. I am proud to say, thanks to Matt, my launch has been a huge success with initial conversions on the sales page at 13.6%! This is pretty much unheard of, especially for a monthly subscription/continuity program.

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