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There’s a reason why Neil Patel, Buzzfeed, Upworthy, Sumo, and so many sites get so many views, clicks and ultimately customers. It all started with powerful headlines that captured the hearts and minds of their posts visitors.

So, I have created this massive list for you. With all the pro’s tricks, tips and offerings so you too can write killer headlines.

But how do we get people to click on our headlines? 

Headlines essentially sell your post. Therefore you better have a damn good one. Otherwise, your reader or visitor will become bored and find someone else to hold their attention. 

The good news is that if you stick around and read this post then you are going to have all the formulas you will ever need to write some amazing headlines.

Let’s start with some facts about headlines.

    • 80% of people will read your headline when they come across it by only about 20% of people will read the entire post (Source).
    • The power of an odd number in the headline makes people believe that the “nuggets of information” was dictated in this precise manner rather than “added to flesh out a list” (Source).
    • Write 25 headlines as suggested by Upworthy for more effective headlines (Source). 

Now let’s put those facts to use!

Headline: The first line of copy on a page. The better your headline, the better your odds of beating the averages and getting what you’ve written read by a larger percentage of people.

Using Specific Words To Elicit Emotion! has a massive list of “401+ List of Power Words” that I recommend you take a look at prior to writing any of your headlines. Here is an example of how to use power words to attract your customers… Also take note how may people clicked on it!

Writing Catchy Headlines That Intrigue Visitors

Steve Rayson of Buzzsumo conducted a study which looked into 100 million headlines. This is what he found.

Trigrams, or the first three words at the beginning of the headline get shared a lot more on Facebook if they use the following.

Use Your Numbers! 

Numbers make it compelling for people to read. Large numbers create interest while shorter numbers (especially odd numbers) create an interest for people who enjoy list posts.

For example:

9 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Copywriting

instead of…

Nine Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Copywriting

According to having a number in the very beginning of the headline can have a large impact on click through rates. One of their examples stated that it had a 37% higher click through and 162% more impressions.

However, let’s not forget larger numbered posts can create interest for those who are looking for the all-in-one solution to their problem, like this post! 😀

Also numbers such as percentages, and time frames also have a huge impact on your headlines!

For example:

  • 85% Increase in Email Optin Rates and This is How I Did it!
  • 1 Day Left Until Copywriting By Design is Ending!

Piggy Backing Off of Numbers

Another way to use numbers to intice and intrigue your visitors is by placing specific words behind the number.

Here are a few words you might want to consider using:

  • Tips
  • Lessons
  • Secrets
  • Strategies
  • Ideas
  • Tricks

Here are a few examples:

  • 3 Lessons I Learned The Hard Way While Working A Full Time Job
  • 22 Ideas That Lead Me To Copywriting as a Business
  • 3 Secrets I Wouldn’t Dare Tell My Parents
  • 15 Headline Tricks and Tips That Will Grab Your Visitors Attention
Writing Catchy Headlines That Intrigue

Headlines should capture the moment and emotion as part of the story it has yet to tell.

Laura Wagner from NPR does a fantastic job of this.

Sometimes it’s better to just ask!

Having a question as your headline can often create interest and has a psychological effect causing them to try and answer the question or at the very least wonder.

Here are a few examples of headlines that use questions.

Write Long Headlines

Buzzsumo, Steve Rayson in his study of 100 million headlines states that writing long headlines are an effective way to get more people to click on your links.

Steve’s study shows that writing headlines with 12 or more words has an impact on the engagement rate within Facebook.

I want to help you turn your visitors into lifetime customers.

Get The Help Your Business Needs
The 3 Shorties or Perhaps Just 2

The power of three is sometimes overlooked and undervalued. However, still practical and to the point. I would use this headline technique sparingly but it can be very powerful. 

The image below from shows how powerful it can be, even if used as an optin. But Unmarketing does it well with just 2 “shorties” below as well 

The Curious Factor – Getting the Click Without Revealing Anything!

Here is another writing technique I like to use when I am writing something that I wouldn’t normally write about.

Here’s how you do it.

Number + Subject+ One of the below finishers = Great Headlines

  • Number 7 Shocked Me!
  • One of them really sucks.
  • I was astonished when I saw [fill in the blank]
  • I want them all, especially #5

Real Life Examples of these headlines:

Be Ridiculously Specific.

Be so specific it slaps your audience in the face. BAM!

Here is a example that is so obvious I don’t think I need to do any examples 😛

Formula’s That Work

Ever gone to the grocery store and look over the magazines? Did you end up buying one, or more?

Magazines at the checkout line are there for a reason. They sell.

Next time you are at the grocery store or book store take a look and notice that there headlines are quite literally used over and over again.

Here are a few you can use:

  • Shrink Your Fat Zones: Lose 7 lbs in 7 Days
  • 63 Reasons She’s Going To Leave You
  • 3 Sex Positions You’ve Got to Try
Social Proof Increases Engagement

Humans love to look for the things they already believe in and social proof is exactly what they want to see. So give it to them!

Social Proof + Question 

  • Recession-Proof Your Blog: Is Your Blog Ranking In Google?
  • How I Gained 3k of Visitors: Are you building backlinks?
  • Copywriting Guide – Is Your Copy good enough?
Email Subject Lines Are Essentially Headlines! Pay Attention to Them!

One of my favorite emails to watch out for, is Ramit Sethi’s. He has some of the most outragous, intriguing and blunt subject lines that I have ever seen. Here are a few that I found. My two that are marked are my fav’s.

Here’s another example of someone who does email subject lines great!

Do You Know Why There is Such a Large Amount Of Space Dedicated to a Headline?

Look at these examples below. Do you know why they have such a large amount of space dedicated to a headline? It’s because it works for their audience and they want to attract their customers to engage with them, either by subscribing, taking a quize or perhaps contacting them.

Take a look and see how they are killing it.

Email Popups That Stand Out From The Rest!

Here are a few examples of some blogs that are doing it right!

Kim Doyal uses a full page popup to intrigue and entice her audience whereas Amy Porterfield uses a larger sized popup.