My goal as a Copywriter is to maximize your conversions with what you already have. I do this by researching, adapting and writing your opt-ins, landing pages, emails, and products/services.

My goal is to literally to understand your customer so well that I can predict what problems they face, what successes they’ve had and what it is that they think they need the most.

In short, I convert your customers for you, so you can sit back and relax, enjoy your family and friends more. While I use my copywriting superpowers to write your copy (if you want to learn more about my alter-ego you can learn about me here.).

“Matt is a magician with words! Using Matt was an integral piece to the success of my recent product launch of “Cole’s Clique”.

As helpful as it is to have someone “in-the-know” look over your entire sales page copy & give suggestions & feedback, Matt takes it all a step further.

Matt digs deep and goes into great detail with exactly why a certain element of copy needs to be changed and what would be a better choice.  This level of detail and commitment is paramount and so hard to find these days.

I am proud to say, thanks to Matt, my launch has been a huge success with initial conversions on the sales page at 13.6%!  This is pretty much unheard of, especially for a monthly subscription/continuity program.

Make Matt at Copypulse an important piece of your business and without a doubt, you’ll be rewarded with greater levels of success!”

Cole @

What do you mean by research?

Researching your audience is very, very, very, time-consuming. It takes a lot of effort, work and did I mention time? It requires a lot of thinking out of the box and finding the desires of your audience. Depending on the market your business is in, my research varies.

For example.

Let’s assume you have a coaching business. You are frustrated that you’ve spent all this time working to become a coach, you get your website up and all you hear is silence. You don’t even hear crickets! Just the eerie sound of silence!

Converting visitors into customers isn’t easy.

Here at Copypulse, we convert visitors because we know what they want since we do a tremendous amount of research on your business and your audience.

My goal is to know your audience better than your audience knows themselves.

But Matt, how can you know my audience better than themselves?

I research the hell out of everything.

Remember that dork in high school, with thick glasses that everyone made fun of. Well that’s me, I may or may not have replaced my glasses with a copywriting superhero outfit but that’s a completely different post.

Here at Copypulse, I research everything about your business that I can think of…

It’s because we want your visitors and customers to come to your website and think, “wow they read my mind” or even “…I can’t believe I hadn’t done this before” and then they click and buy your product or service.

When we can get visitors and customers coming to your site and saying things like that, converting them isn’t difficult.

But the road getting to that point can be very difficult and time-consuming.

That’s where I come in and save the day. 😀

I’m committed to helping you ‘save the day’ with my copywriting skills, training, and experience that will make your visitors turn into lifelong customers and see your business as a lifesaver.

Matt, who’s on your team?
I have a few different key freelancers I work with, one of which is my wife (she can always point out my mistakes, both in life and in my writing!).

The freelancers I work with are typically independent website reviewers and designers, editors, and sometimes SEO specialists and link building companies.

My wife, Christina, is an amazing editor. She reads all my work and is remarkable at helping me brainstorm about potential ideas for the client’s copy as well as many, many other things. I also have one other copy editor who I work with occasionally depending on the size of the copywriting project.

How does the copywriting process go?
I like to work in steps, that way my clients know exactly what I am doing and where I am in the process. At the end of each step, I will give you documents pertaining to what I’ve already worked on and what I am going to be focusing on next.

Step 1: Researching Your Business.

Get as much information from you as possible about your business. Here are some of the Copywriting questions I may ask you prior to giving you a bid on the copywriting project.

Step 2: Accepting The Contract
Once accepting the terms and conditions, and once I’ve received the 50% upfront payment, my team and I will research your business as much as humanly possible. This can take anywhere from 20-80+ hours depending on the copywriting project. Once the copywriting research has been completed, I will send you all the research we’ve gathered by email in a very detailed document.

This will include not only the research, but also other important information such as the messaging of competitors, and suggestions and opinions based on the research conducted.

Below is what you can expect from my team and I’s research.

  • Content Audit​ – The copy and presentation of three competitors’ websites (of your choosing) will be compared with your business. You will receive a summary based on the information gathered from these competitors.
  • Data Analysis and Summary Report – You will receive a report showing you how you can achieve a better understanding of your audience and how to get more conversions based on the research conducted. This report includes a detailed analysis and summary detailing recommendations, messaging, prospects, words and phrases your audience uses, your audience’s biggest objections, and much more.
  • Customer Review Research – This involves researching customer reviews in order to find a list of potential ideas, quotes, and problems your audience has mentioned in the reviews. This is one of the most effective ways to get your audiences insights and gather their words and phrases they use to describe the problem they are facing. Having this information helps to both better understand your audience and solve their problems.
  • Independent Reviews – Four Independent Professional ​Reviewers will go through your business’s site and talk about their hesitations, problems, confusions and anything else they like or dislike about your site. You will receive a video of their interactions on your site to help you get a better understanding of what people think while navigating your website in order to find products/services and much more.
  • Survey- A survey will be conducted for those who use your products/services to better understand your current customers. Insights can be made regarding what’s going well, what could be improved, and how customers are using your products.
  • Report – A very detailed report will be sent to you with all the research that was gathered. It will include all of the bulleted information above as well as comments, suggestions, and observations based both off the research as well as my Team’s recommendations based on our training and experience.
  • A/B Testing (will be conducted only if you have enough traffic) I can A/B test your sales page and your email opt-ins for four weeks before and after implementing the new copy.

Step 3: Let’s Start Converting Your Visitors into Customers! 
After reading, writing and analyzing the research my team and I have completed for you, I will then write a rough draft and then A/B Test it (if the A/B testing was purchased).

  • Rough Draft – A copywriting rough draft will be written on whatever it is that you wanted my expertise on, such as a landing page, email opt-in etc. The rough draft will then be tested live on the website for approximately 30 days (subject to change if you have a large amount of traffic coming to your website).
  • If there are any special requests or problem areas that you believe need to be modified I will then work on these areas.
  • My editor and team will then look through my rough drafts, provide feedback, and the final drafts will be sent to you.
  • If you are not satisfied with the copywriting I will revise it up to three times.
  • A/B Testing
  • Results will be shared with you in a detailed report. Depending on the conversion rate, there may be another round of drafts as well as another A/B test.

Why does Copywriting take so long?
A/B testing and customer surveys take a long time to see any results that will be beneficial. Because of this, the copywriting flow listed above has been carefully designed to maximize efficiency and limit the amount of time it takes for all steps to be completed. That’s why during the time period of testing and sending out surveys we will be thoroughly researching your competitors and writing the copy that will help you convert more of your visitors into customers.