Let’s be honest, most businesses haven’t hired a copywriter. If you have, then I’m sure some of these questions will be questions you WISHED you would have asked.

Below I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions as well as some questions that should be asked, but never are!

What the HELL is a Copywriter and how are they going to make me more money?

What is a Copywriter? What do you really do?  

I get this a lot and the best way to show you what a Copywriter does is to watch this slide (Coming soon), but like anything else keep in mind this is its simplest form. Copywriting takes a lot of time, experience, and training and a lot of research to help you increase your sales.

I heard/believe that Copywriting is really just “Wordsmithing” is that true?

Although there are many different kinds of Copywriters, it does hold some truth (but very little truth). Wordsmithing suggests that a Copywriter just makes their clients copy look, feel and sound pretty. Which for many years that’s what Copywriters did and still do in some instances. However, Conversion Copywriters are focused on providing you the most sales conversions as possible. A Conversion Copywriter, such as myself will go beyond making things sound pretty for your audience, but rather focus on the sales aspect of your business.

Here are a few different ways a Conversion Copywriter can help your business:

    • 1 on 1 Copywriting consultation
    • Researching your ideal customer
    • Researching your customers and your competitors
    • Reading reviews of both your business and your competitors
    • My team of experts will then review your business independent of mine
    • Reviewing your business goals, ideas, and current state
    • Reviewing your competitor’s businesses
    • Analyzing and comparing each competitor and your business
    • Reviewing your business’s analytics
    • Conducting surveys
    • Interviewing your current customers
    • Writing the “copy” whether it’s a sales page, opt-in, email, etc.
    • Segmented testing of emails, landing pages, etc.
    • And much, much more!

My last Copywriting client agreed to have included all of the above which totaled over 160 hours of JUST research! This ultimately provided the client with a totally new perspective on their audience and competitors and helped increase their conversions once the copy was written, tested and implemented.

How will hiring you and your team help my business?
I am a Conversion Copywriter. I make visitors convert. I’m not suggesting that I am going to be there on your site, cracking whips if someone doesn’t convert, but I will increase your conversions.
More conversions equal more money for both you and me!

Let me ask you this…

What would it mean for your business if, instead of selling 10 items a day, you sold 20? And if you are selling 10 items a day, how do you know you couldn’t provide even more value for your visitors?

That’s where I come in.

I convert visitors into customers and provide them with the value they want and need so they keep coming back to your business.


What do you recommend I do for my business?
I get a lot of questions regarding what people should do and I try to help them the best I can with the information they provide. But I get a lot of statements like:

“Hey Matt, I am a new business and I am sending people to my opt-in page but hardly anyone is opting in! How can I improve this?” 

There are many factors that may or may not impact your particular page. Such as the type of traffic, how much traffic, etc.

For example, if you are selling coaching services and get a lot of traffic from an eCommerce site that focuses on purses. The opt-in rate will more than likely be affected by this because they are not your target market. They want purses not coaching services.

However, if you are a coach offering coaching services and want them to purchase a life coaching journal that matches the purses that they are looking at then your conversions I would imagine be much better.

My advice to most businesses is getting to know your audience so well that you can predict what they are going to say and can see what stage they are in in the buying process. One way of doing that is by interviewing your prospective audience.  Here are a few questions to get your brain turning:

  • What do they like, hate or can’t stand about your niche?
  • What would they like to see instead?
  • Where do they go shopping, why do they choose this competitor/means to shop rather than going to your online store/brick and motor store?
  • Would offering a discount sway their decision to purchase from you instead of your competitors?

“How do I get more traffic to my website?”

Although I am no traffic expert, I can say that guest posts are the main source of CopyPulse’s website traffic. That’s mainly due to the time and effort that was placed into each and every guest post that was posted. The guest posts I create take days to craft and perfect because I want to impress and even persuade those readers to visit my site. If I did my homework correctly, they will be hooked and want to know more about what I do and how I do it so that they may either hire me or try and do it themselves and then hire me :D.


What is your native language?
My native language is English. I was born in the United States of America, and born and raised in Southern California and recently moved to North Texas.
Why ask?
You’ll be surprised how many Copywriters are middlemen and have a ghostwriter who doesn’t speak English that writes for them, which can make for some interesting copy!


How did you develop your Copywriting knowledge and skills?
I studied Copywriting for over two years, completed two extensive Copywriter courses and am certified. I took the CopyHackers Conversion Copywriting course which took me over 8 months to complete and got certified for, and Ray Edward’s course Copy Academy which was approximately 8 weeks long.
Not to mention the people I have worked for. To name a few that you might recognize, I’ve worked with Chris Ducker from Chrisducker.com, Carrie Green from Female Entrepreneur Association, Cole’s Classroom, and ChargeTech.
Why ask?
You never really know how someone becomes a Copywriter. There are no college courses, degrees or anything similar to it. A Copywriter is literally forged by his own hand. a Copywriter is always looking for new and innovative ways to write and covert it’s their client’s audience into sales. Which requires a lot of time, fine-tuning and learning!

If you do hire a Copywriter, make sure they have experience and are willing to show you their past work.


When will you be ready to get started? / When can you complete the project?
Normally I can start a Copywriting project within a week of responding unless I have a contract with someone else. Depending on what you want and need the project normally takes between two weeks to four months.

Why between two weeks and four months? What could possibly take that long, I mean its just writing after all, right? 

As I mentioned above Copywriting is not just writing. There is a lot of research involved. In fact I would say 40-60% of a Copywriter’s job is research! Crazy right? But it literally takes that long sometimes to find the right audience, the right statistics and to understand the client’s audience sometimes. Let’s take for example I am creating a website that has to do with RC cars. Now, personally, I don’t know anything about RC cars and what they do, how they operate, who they are made for, etc. Therefore, I must research its audience which includes:

  • Interview RC car enthusiasts
  • Interview my client’s customers
  • Read client’s customer emails
  • Talk to tech support and see if a common question is asked
  • Read through transcripts of tech support conversations with both satisfied and upset customers
  • Read reviews on RC cars
  • Understand the various different types of cars
  • etc.

That’s just a small sample of what research is included. This isn’t including research the client’s traffic, landing page(s), email sequences, etc.

Therefore if a large company such as my most recent client, ChargeTech, I spent a lot of time doing all the above bullet points plus talking to employees, customers and understanding how their business works and translating it to meet the customers wants and values so that they will convert to sales rather than leads.

Then comes writing and then testing the research and seeing what works, if conversions don’t increase review and re-write and test based off of what you know. Then do it all over again!

However, sometimes I will receive smaller projects like writing an about me page for someone or perhaps a 1 on 1 coaching call with a DIY Copywriter who is looking to educate themselves and write better copy for their startup business.

Why ask about a timeframe?
It would be awful to pay someone their fee and not get the completed product until 6 months later! I have heard a few different stories like that. Make sure that you ask and are clear about when you want the project to start and finish.


How do you work?
This might seem like an odd question but some people like to wait to the last minute to work on a project. Personally, I like to do my Copywriting projects in stages, Research stage, Copywriting stage, Testing stage, Revision stage and Testing Results/Revisions and then Implementation stage. If you choose to work with me you will be able to see each phase I have completed, where I am in the project, and actually see the results that I’ve come up with based on my training, experience, and research.
Why ask?
Have you ever hired someone and wondered what was taking so long? Or wondered if they are even working on it at all? Or if they’ve taken your money and ran?
This is why I believe it’s important to work in stages, that way you can see my progress, what stage I am currently working on and get an approximate date by which it will be completed.


Can you supply references?
Absolutely! Here are a few names you will recognize: Chris Ducker from Chrisducker.com, Carrie Green from FemaleEntrepreneurAssociation.com and Borja Obeso from Smartduu.com to name a few.
Here is my most recent testimonial:

“I worked with Matt who provided an excellent review of my sales page. I have spent thousands of dollars with other coaches and ‘experts’ to help me generate more leads and sales and I have to say that Matt’s service exceeded all expectations.
He provided an outstanding service which involved a very thorough review that was videoed plus notes provided on my sales page in terms of what was working well and what could be improved. His style was such that his constructive feedback was delivered in a friendly and helpful way allowing you to take it on board.
Matt had a great understanding of what I was trying to achieve in my business and my end goal, and he was able to tailor his feedback around this. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who needs help to take their sales to the next level.”
– GeorgieBeames.com


Where are you based,? What time zone are you in?
I am in the United States of America, Texas. My time zone is Central Time (CDT) (-6 GMT).


What if I hate the copy you’ve done for me?
Most of my time is researching your business and your competitors, the copy was written based on the research and my team’s analysis of it. All I ask is that you ‘try it’ first then if it doesn’t work. If you still are unsatisfied with it, I will gladly revise your copy up to three times.

My most recent copywriting project consisted of over 160 hours of research and had some amazing results.

Oh and… I have yet to have an unhappy client!

Why ask?
It’s important to understand your guarantee and how many times they are willing to revise the copy to suit your businesses needs.


Do you normally work in a specific niche?
Yes. I like to work with online businesses, although I occasionally will take on brick and mortar businesses, I prefer online businesses that provide digital products and online services.

Why Ask?
It’s important to ask if a Copywriter likes working in a specific niche to understand what they have experience in and enjoy working with.
Imagine working with someone who hates your niche or thinks of it as a problem, you probably won’t get the same results as someone who enjoys it and wants to work with you.


Will you use templates?
Yes and no. I have a Copywriting Checklist Template I use to ensure that all your Copywriting needs are met. However, I do NOT use templates when I am writing your copy. Each Copywriting project is unique, there isn’t such a thing as a one template fits all. Templates, in my opinion, are for people who are learning Copywriting.

Why ask?
Could you imagine getting your copy written in a fill in the blank kind of manner, by some you just paid thousands of dollars for? I don’t work like that and neither should anyone else.


Do I own the words after you’ve completed the project?
This is an important question to ask and the answer is yes and no. Yes, you have the right to use my copy on the page(s) we agreed upon however, you may not use it on any other sites. If you wish to do so you may contact me.

Why ask?
Imagine if you were to use the same copy on multiple sites, you would be at risk of being sued by me.


Will you supply images for the copy?
If the copy requires it, I will in some cases include stock photos that I’ve paid for in the copy I present to you, depending on the circumstances.

Why ask?
Why worry about finding photos for your business if you are paying someone else to do it for you? One less thing to worry about!


Can we talk via Skype? Google Hangouts or some other online meeting platform?
Of COURSE! All you need to do is email me via the contact us page first to set up a time to Skype.

Why ask?
Sometimes reading words just doesn’t communicate everything that you would like to be done, and let’s be honest it’s nice to know who were are working with. A lot more can be said through one on one Skype calls than any email or video. So if you want to talk via Skype about your business, no problem! You know how to contact me.
Talking via Skype can help ease that pain and help you as a client get the most value out of hiring a Copywriter.